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Brake Pads Shimano Metal With Fins H03C

Brake Pads Shimano Metal With Fins H03C

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SHIMANO H04C sintered metal brake pads with cooling fins for 4-piston disc brakes such as SAINT, ZEE or XT offer a consistently high braking effect, even under extreme conditions.

High-strength lining material ensures stability and long service life. The cooling fins effectively reduce the temperature by improving heat dissipation in the pad and noticeably counteract fading. Wear is also reduced.

Sintered metal pads offer exceptionally high braking performance with less wear. However, under certain circumstances they tend to make noise.

The spring and safety clip are included in the delivery.


  • cooling fins
  • Sintered metal coatings
  • aluminum carrier plate
  • Under wear
  • Stable even in difficult conditions

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