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Cat Eye

Light Cat Eye AMPP 1100 Front

Light Cat Eye AMPP 1100 Front

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AMPP 1100 is a bicycle front lamp of the Japanese brand Cateye, which uses  a double LED and modern OptiCube lens technology. The solution used ensures a wide and even distribution of the emitted light beam, so as to provide excellent visibility also to the sides of the cyclist.

The product has a very high power of up to 1100 lm. , which can be adjusted through five lighting modes. When needed, the strongest light can be easily switched on by pressing the button twice. The lamp has the ability to remember the mode used, so you do not have to set it every time.

The AMPP 1100 is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and a fast charging circuit. It also has the ability to power the battery through the USB input. The lamp uses three colors to indicate how much energy it currently has left.

The kit allows you to mount the lamp with a FlexTight bracket or optionally to the rider's helmet or the center fork bracket.

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