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Lock Abus Steel-O- Chain Combination 4804C

Lock Abus Steel-O- Chain Combination 4804C

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Budget bikes and children's bikes also suffer from theft. The Steel-O-Chain™ 4804C SYMBOLS Chain Lock is the most secure version where there is a low risk of theft.
Even if you think your bike is safe in your basement, for example, or in a guarded environment, you better not take chances. Thieves take advantage of any opportunity. The Steel-O-Chain™ 4804C SYMBOLS chain lock is a numerical lock ideal for securing budget bikes with low risk of theft.
​ Weight : 360g
Length: 75cm


4 mm diameter square section chain with textile cover to prevent damage to the bicycle's paint.
The chain is made of special hardened steel.
Easy use thanks to symbols instead of digits.
Individually reprogrammable code.
For safe transport we recommend, for example, the frame bags ST 2012, ST 2200 or ST 8130 L.

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