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Brake pad inserts, Fr carbn rims, R55C3

Brake pad inserts, Fr carbn rims, R55C3

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  • Includes Pad inserts
  • Rim specific compounds are availble
  • Replacement pads for: Dura-Ace BR-9000, BR-9010, BR-7900, BR-7800, BR7700; Ultegra BR-6800, BR-6700, BR-6600, BR-6500; 105 BR-5800, BR-5700, BR-5500; Non-Series BR-R600, BR-R561, BR-R560, BR-CX70
  • R55C4: Dura Ace 9000: high-end race brake pad with excellent wet and dry performance
  • R55C4-1: 1mm thinner for extra clearance with wider rim profiles; Designed to fit 24-28mm wide rims
  • R55C+1mm: 1mm thicker pads are stock rubber but 1mm thicker
  • High performance are better in wet weather

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