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Tires Maxxis Minion DHF (29 x 2.50WT) 3C maxxgrip TR DD

Tires Maxxis Minion DHF (29 x 2.50WT) 3C maxxgrip TR DD

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Wide Trail (WT) casing

This special casing design optimizes the profile design and shape of the tires on today's wider rims. Traditional tires are developed for narrow rims and have boxy wheels that are too angular in shape and therefore not exactly optimal performance. 

WT tires are optimized for a 35mm inner rim width, but work perfectly on all rims with an inner dimension between 30 and 40mm. 

Tubeless Ready (TR) 

TR tires have many advantages: you can drive with less air pressure. This provides better traction and reduces rolling resistance. And where there is no tube, the risk of decay also decreases. MAXXIS TR tires are better prepared for installation with seal milk than other "Tubeless Ready" tires. The bead of our TR tire is like a real UST tube block completely covered with a layer of rubber. As a result, the tube assembly is successful on all tires with standard dimensions already at first inflation and with little fluid. 

Even "normal" MAXXIS MTB tires can be mounted like other tubeless tires with sealant, since the carcass fabrics are very dense.

Officially released for tubeless mounting and guaranteed by MAXXIS, it's just the new MAXXIS TR models. Tubeless mounting of other models is at your own risk. 

double down

Doubledown tires are built like Maxxis downhill tires: two reinforced casing plies with a butyl insert in the sidewall. Due to the two 120 TPI (instead of 60 TPI) casing layers and the aramid bead, they are significantly lighter than downhill tires, significantly more stable and robust than TR + EXO tires and therefore ideal for tough enduro rides.

3C MaxxGrip  

Our well-known 3C downhill combination, which many of the best downhillers have relied on for years, is now called 3C MaxxGrip. 3C MaxxGrip provides the ultimate in grip and cushioning for an unmatched descent.

Technical specifications:

  • Tire type: folding tire (clincher)
  • intended use : mountain biking
  • Size (inches): 29 x 2.50
  • Size (ETRTO): 63-622
  • Version: Wide Trail Casing (WT), DoubleDown, Tubeless Ready (TR)
  • Rubber compound: 3C MaxxGrip
  • Casing: 2x 120 TPI
  • tubeless friendly: yes
  • E-bike compatibility: yes, up to 25 km/h
  • Profile: optimized for the front wheel
  • Recommended air pressure: 2.5 to 3.4 bar (35-50 PSI)
  • Recommended rim width: 30-40mm width possibl


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