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Chain Sram GX EAGLE 12-Speed

Chain Sram GX EAGLE 12-Speed

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SRAM GX Eagle 12V Chain

Using the same structure and design as Sram's high-end chains for 12-speed single chainrings, the GX Eagle provides smooth, efficient and reliable gear changes.

With it you will enjoy the performance and versatility of a chain with Flow Link technology; Smooth inner links with no right angle edges reduce friction and eliminate noise to ensure optimum durability.

The narrow profile supports more extreme crossovers, allowing for a flatter outer plate, much more consistent riveting, and superior overall strength.

It has a Power Lock quick release link, a guarantee of reliability and efficiency.

It is more economical because it has solid bolts instead of hollow ones and therefore is somewhat heavier.

Compatible with all Eagle 12-speed transmissions.

Silver finish.

Weight: 258g

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