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Compact Pump Lezyne Drive HV 166 mm

Compact Pump Lezyne Drive HV 166 mm

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The Lezyne HV Drive 166 mm hand pump is high volume and is equipped with the ABS Flex Hose fitting. Its body and shaft are aluminum with a Matrix Composite handle and end caps. The oversized handle and body, piston and shaft are integrated into a compact design. This Lezyne pump comes equipped with ABS Flex Hose and Composite Matrix frame mount.


  • Aluminum, a strong, light and resistant material that is used to make various precision components for pumps
  • Composite Matrix is a high-strength fiber reinforced to make durable components
  • CNC machined aluminum for precise and durable construction
  • ABS (Air Bleed System) that allows the air pressure of the pump to escape for easy removal of the fitting
  • Threaded connection: Lezyne's ABS Flip-Thread Chuck system connects directly to the valve for added security (compatible with Presta and Schrader valves)
  • Dimensions: 166mm
  • Weight: 94g
  • Maximum: 90 psi (6.2 bar)

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