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Elbow Pads Ion E-Pact

Elbow Pads Ion E-Pact

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Ergonomic ION e-pact elbow pads , made of neoprene for greater breathability with asymmetrical side padding for impact protection.


  • 3D-shaped Ionic_Fit : The human body is neither cylindrical nor symmetrical. So you have to forget about flat 2D patterns. We use our experience building body-hugging wetsuits to shape the anatomical cheek pads for a natural riding position.

  • Power_Aramid - is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. Today it is used for a variety of applications from bulletproof helmets to tires to bow ropes. Offers excellent tear strength and tensile strength.

  • HD_Memory_Foam Pad : Closed cell foam with extremely high shock absorption characteristics, including multiple impacts.

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