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Goggles Lens 100% Replacement (RC2,AC2,ST2)

Goggles Lens 100% Replacement (RC2,AC2,ST2)

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The premier 100% Generation 2 eyewear collection features an improved field of vision and a more comfortable fit. While each model has unique features, they all use the same interchangeable lens technology and cutting system so you're equipped for any riding condition while filling your gear bag with fewer accessories. 100% - the most versatile eyewear system available.

  • Replacement lenses for 100% Goggles
  • This is a single layer lens with an anti-fog coating.
  • Fits all 100% Racecraft2, Accuri2 and Strata2 models.
  • Protection against UVA and UVB spectrums up to 400nm

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