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Knee Guards Ion K-Pact AMP HD

Knee Guards Ion K-Pact AMP HD

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The K-Pact Amp HD is the evolution of our award-winning classic for progressive downhill and freeride mountain biking. The protection area extends beyond the knee to the upper shin. Our specially developed SAS-TEC Pad K-L2 Long (EN 1621-1:2012 / L2) absorbs hard falls several times without having to be replaced. Power_Slide caps improve gliding in the event of a fall, keeping the knee pads in place. Lightweight, breathable pads provide additional protection against side impacts. The angled fit on the back ends above the calf muscle, allowing for better circulation. The perfect fit can be further optimized with the Ergo_Strap on the back. Thus, the individual fit can be adjusted for everyone.

  • Riding Style
    • Scrub – All Mountain / Enduro & Freeride Line: light and durable
  • Features
    • Ergo Cut
    • Ergo_Strap: Thanks to the placement above the calf, the Velcro adapts to the anatomical shape of the knee area and can be individually adjusted for a perfect fit.
  • Materials / Construction
    • Power Slide Caps
    • breathable mesh inserts
    • Power_Aramid Kneecap Upper: Power_Aramid is a synthetic fiber originally developed by DuPont. It is now used in a variety of ways, for example in bulletproof helmets, tires and bowstrings. The material offers outstanding qualities in terms of tear and abrasion resistance. And is therefore perfect for protectors.
    • Side Lightweight EVA Pads: Closed cell foam provides lightweight and flexible protection where you need it.
  • Protection
    • Knee
  • certifications

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