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LEATT Protection Armour Chest 3.5 Pro

LEATT Protection Armour Chest 3.5 Pro

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- New version of the 3.5 chest protector with new shoulder pads.
- Approved against impacts on the chest and back, which combines hard protection with soft protection.
- Hard plastic outer protection and 3DF AirFit impact foam inner protection, both with many perforations and 3D molded, which ensure a very comfortable and ventilated fit.
- The front and back plates are removable and the BraceOn collar adjustment system allows the use on or under Leatt shirts.
- CE homologation only in chest and back EN1621 Level 1.
- Certified for the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) and the FFM (French Motorcycling Federation).
- Weight: 1280g Unisex fit: 70 to 90 kg.

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