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Lock Abus Kids Combination

Lock Abus Kids Combination

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The Abus 1150/120 Kids Lock is an anti-theft device for entry-level bicycles and children, stored in low-risk areas. It is also ideal as a second protection to secure your accessories. Its 7 mm spiral cable offers a long (120 cm) and adjustable length, in a compact format. It opens and closes with a three-digit code.

Technical specifications:
7 mm diameter spiral cable, solid and very flexible
Synthetic coating, to protect the paint on the bike

Convenient transport: just d´enrouler the cable around the saddle

Spiral anti-theft cables provide a long and adjustable length, all in a compact format
This lock is ideal as a second protection to secure accessories
This combination lock is ideal for use by several people

This lock is available in blue, red, silver and various colours for children.

Length: 120 cm
Diameter: 7 mm
Security level: 1
Weight: 178 g
Type of closure: combination
Color: bleu



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